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System Timetable

Railroads use timetables to provide information to employees and passengers alike. Public timetables typically provide arrival and departure times of passenger trains. Employee timetables, while providing train schedules, also contain information about the territory the employees operate over. Some of this information includes: station names & locations, maximum speeds, radio frequencies, signal aspects & indications, and other special instructions.

Like the Montana Rail Link, The I&M Rail Link divided their railroad into numbered subdivisions. Timetable #2, dated October 26, 1997, listed six subdivisions and two spurs.  The Subdivisions and their limits are outlined below.

1st Subdivision: Nahant to Air Line Jct.
2nd Subdivision: Randall Road to Nahant
3rd Subdivision: Sabula Jct. to La Crescent
4th Subdivision: Marquette to Sheldon
5th Subdivision: Mason City to Jackson
7th Subdivision: Davis Jct. to Janesville
Eldridge Spur: Eldridge to Water Works
Owatonna Spur: Ramsey to Comus


RULE 4.3: Timetable Characters
The following characters placed in the column provided in the timetable indicate:

A Automatic Interlocking
B General Orders, Notices and Circulars
I Manual Interlocking
J Junction
T Turntable or Wye
X Crossover
X(2) Multiple Crossovers
Y Yard Limits
G Gate, Normal Position Against Conflicting Route
S Gate, Left Lined for Last Route Used, or
Crossing Protected by Stop Signs

The timetable provided on this site is for general information only and not for the government of railroad employees.

1998 JGKirchner
Revised April 26, 2005