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Radio Frequencies

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) has assigned the IMRL with the following radio frequencies for use in their railroad operations. Train crews will use these frequencies when operating between the locations listed below. IMRL trains operating on foreign railroads will use the radio frequencies assigned to that particular railroad.

161.370mhz (AAR 84) Sabula - River Jct.
IMRL #1 West Davenport Industry Job
Marquette - Mason City

161.520mhz (AAR 94) Pingree Grove - Chicago (CP Elgin Sub.)

161.085mhz (AAR 65) Pingree Grove - Savanna
IMRL #3 Rockford - Janesville
Savanna - Nahant

160.770mhz (AAR 44) Nahant - Kansas City
IMRL #4 Mason City - Spencer
Mason City - Austin
Austin - Wells

161.430mhz (AAR 88) All Yards

160.530mhz (AAR 28) West Davenport Yard

Most modern day locomotives are equipped with 97 channel, synthesized radios. This gives train crews access to another railroad's radio frequencies which allows for smoother operations. These 97 channels are designated by the AAR from the frequencies allocated for railroad use in the United States and Canada.

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