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Mailing Lists

Keep up with news and events on the lines once served by the I&M Rail Link by subscribing to Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Discussion List. The mailing list is maintained by Matt Frahm and myself through Yahoo! Groups. Any discussions or questions are welcomed, but please refrain from threads regarding labor agreements and management philosophy. 

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The IMRL Discussion List was quite active while the I&M Rail Link was in operation. Currently the list is an invaluable resource for researching the history of this short-lived railroad. Occasionally old train line-ups and engine dispositions are posted.

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I also moderate another mailing list on Yahoo! Groups called IlliniRail. It is dedicated to discussing railroading, past and present, in northern Illinois. All topics are open for discussion pertaining to this region.

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Other References

The I&M Rail Link is rather new in the railroad arena and therefore there isn't much reference material available as of yet. However, a couple of magazines have published articles about it and at least one book covers their motive power.

TRAINS Magazine:    I&M Rail Link, A Railroad of Contrasts by Steve Glischinski. September 2000 issue. You can read the article online at

Great Northern Pacific Publications:    MRL Locomotives and Rolling Stock by Robert Del Grosso and Richard Yaremko. While covering the Montana Rail Link, a complete guide to the I&M Rail Link's motive power is added as a supplement since both railroads are controlled by the Washington Corporation.


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