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Much of this web site would be blank had it not been for all the contributions I have received since its creation. A big thanks to all of you who have done so, I couldn't have done it without your help. If you wish to contribute photos or information, please e-mail me. Below is a list of those who have contributed in some way to the creation of this site.

J L Hunt from northern Iowa has been posting photographs to the Usenet for some time. His collection of photos covers railroading throughout all of North America and Mexico. Most importantly, his home town railroad is the IMRL, and luckily for us, he photographs it quite regularly. It was his photos on the Usenet that convinced me I had enough material to begin creation of the I&M Rail Link Unofficial Web Page. 

Dave Kroeger of Des Moines has provided the list of train numbers and radio frequencies. He was once the editor for the I&M Rail Link & Iowa Interstate sections of RailNews Magazine. He updates me quite frequently with current news and has been pushing me to add a news section and a sightings section to the web site.

Alex Erickson of northeastern Iowa has recently sent me some good quality roster shots which will be showing up soon on the web site. He has also contributed to Tim Harris's Montana Rail Link Web Page.

Curt Jans is from northeast Kansas. He has provided a complete locomotive roster including heritage of the locomotives as well as more roster shots which also will be added soon.

Darren McGowan is from the Quad Cities area. His business dealings allow him to visit the IMRL at Nahant quite often. He has provided additional information on train numbers and information on certain locomotives. He also has sent me initial news briefs (rumors) for me to follow up on.

Lance Wales, from Rockford, is an integral part of the Northwestern Illinois Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. He is the editor of NWI's monthly newsletter the "North Western Limited". From this position he has become the Northern Illinois Railroad News Anchor. Very little goes on in the area that he doesn't hear about. Besides his updates on operations, he has provided several photographs for the site.

Hosts of Others: There are plenty of other individuals that have helped with this site. They have either requested to remain anonymous or I am unaware of their names. Thank you all for your help in making this site as accurate as possible!

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Revised April 26, 2005