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Modeling Information

HO Scale IMRL SD40

The EMD SD40 was produced in HO scale by Kato with two numbers, the 202 and the 210. While both models closely represent the prototype, the IMRL 210 had a rear-mounted handbrake. It had been chosen by Kato since they wanted to produce two road numbers with the "W" logo and it was the only other closest prototype. The model of the 202 is as closest to the prototype as one may get from a manufacturer. Unfortunately there are a couple of minor errors. First, the model is missing the I&M Rail Link logo and the red dot on the rear of the locomotive. Unfortunately when I supplied Kato with photographs of the locomotive prior to production, I failed to send any shots of the rear of the engine. The designer at Kato assumed the rear of the unit did not have any markings and that how it was produced. This can be remedied however by using decals from Microscale set #87-1027 as seen below. The other discrepancy with the model is the paint color used for the blue. Kato matched the paint using a Pantone color chart and a prototype locomotive, but some modelers feel the blue should be a darker shade. This is a personal preference really and the only way to remedy this is to repaint the locomotive. 


Kato also produced an EMD SD40 painted in Conrail colors. This can be used to model IMRL 201, 203, 205 and 217 by removing or painting over the Conrail markings and using Microscale's set #87-1027 for the IMRL herald and numbers.

HO Scale IMRL SD35

In May 2006 Atlas announced a re-run of its SD35 painted for Montana Rail Link. The numbers available are MRL 702 and MRL 703. The latter of which is painted with Operation Lifesaver logos, the newer style lettering and the lion head logo. These units, along with 701 and 705 were transferred to the IMRL at start-up and remained on the property until July 1999, a span of roughly two years. The IMRL simply removed the word "Montana" and replaced it with "I&M". The modeler could do the same to achieve an IMRL engine by using Microscale set #87-1027 for the red "I&M" lettering. 

Below is an example of how the models would look after re-lettering them for I&M Rail Link.

HO & N Scale 4650 Covered Hopper

Intermountain Railway Company lists six car numbers on its IMRL ACF 4650 Cubic Foot 3-Bay Hopper. 
These represent the former KCS cars. The cars are painted brown and have build dates of 6-79.

HO Scale Stock Number / Car Number

47059-01  51021

47059-02  51047

47059-03  51064

47059-04  51086

47059-05  51111

47059-06  51136

N Scale Stock Number / Car Number

67059-01  51021

67059-02  51047

67059-03  51064

67059-04  51086

67059-05  51111

67059-06  51136

Intermountain produces SOO and Rock painted hoppers which could be re-lettered for IMRL by the modeler.
Intermountain also produces Montana RailLink hoppers which were a common sight on IMRL trains. 

Available Scale Models & Decals

HO Scale:

#9248        Montana Rail Link SD35 # 702
#9249        Montana Rail Link (OLS) SD35 # 703
(These could be re-lettered "I&M" similar to the prototype)

# 37-6325    I&M Rail Link SD40 # 202    
# 37-6326    I&M Rail Link SD40 # 210    

Microscale Decals
# 87-1027    I&M Rail Link Diesels    HO Scale    Date 1997+

Oddballs Decals
# 87-547    16 rib covered hopper (3-73) (repainted 6-00)
# 87-580    I&M Rail Link 3 bay Thrall grain (4-98)
# 87-622    16 rib covered hopper (3-80)
# 87-624    2 bay covered hopper (9-98)
# 87-708    50' plug door boxcar (late 90's)

N Scale:

Microscale Decals
# 60-1027    I&M Rail Link Diesels    N Scale    Date 1997+

Oddballs Decals
# 60-547    16 rib covered hopper (3-73) (repainted 6-00)
# 60-580    I&M Rail Link 3 bay Thrall grain (4-98)
# 60-622    I&M Rail Link 16 rib covered hopper (3-80)
# 60-624    I&M Rail Link 2 bay covered hopper (9-98)
# 60-708    50' plug door boxcar (late 90's)

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Revised December 13, 2008