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Iowa Chicago & Eastern Unofficial Web Page

The Iowa, Chicago and Eastern is owned by Cedar American Rail Holdings, a subsidiary of the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern. Created by the purchase of the I&M Rail Link LLC, IC&E commenced operations on July 30th, 2002. The 1400 mile line, based in Davenport, IA, serves the states of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Principal commodities include chemicals, coal, steel, automobiles, and agricultural products. Train dispatching is performed at a joint DM&E/IC&E facility in Sioux Falls, SD.  

Motive power consists of mostly ex-UP SD40-2's rebuilt by General Electric and ex-SP GP40-2's rebuilt by NRE in Silvis, IL. Four DM&E GP38s along with several ex-IMRL engines round out the roster. The SD40-2s and GP40-2s are painted in a DM&E inspired blue and yellow scheme with the name of the railroad spelled out on the sides of the locomotive. Starting in 2005 many of the "new" engines carry names of the towns that IC&E serves, a practice utilized on the DM&E.

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