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In the golden age of railroads, passenger depots once dotted the nation serving both railroad and community. With the advent of interstates in the 1940's much of the passenger traffic dwindled in the next two decades. By 1970 passenger rail was no longer profitable for railroads and many dropped routes as fast as the ICC would grant it. Unfortunately, many of the depots that helped build communities throughout the U.S. were no longer needed and they were torn down or left to decay. However, some agencies were retained for other railroad use, purchased by private individuals, or donated to the communities. 

The following depots are still in existence today and sorted by original railroad. Their use and condition is noted when possible. Depots currently used by Metra commuter service are not listed.

Railroad City Built Current Use Located Notes Other Artifacts Condition
AMTK Champaign 1999 Amtrak Newly Built
ATSF Chillicothe          
ATSF Galesburg          
ATSF Mazon          
ATSF Roanoke Museum
ATSF Streator          
ATSF Stronghurst          
B&O Flora
B&O Shattuc
B&O Virginia Restaurant
C&A Chatham 1902 Museum Chatham Railroad Museum Restored
C&A McLean 1853 Hobby Shop 200 E. Dixie Rd. McLean Depot Train Shop Motor Car Restored
C&AE Villa Park Museum 220 S. Villa Ave. Villa Park Historical Society Museum Restored
C&AE Wayne Business Army Trail Rd. Good
CBQ Aurora  Vacant       Unknown
CBQ Avon Museum AVCOM Park Museum
CBQ Batavia 1854 Museum 155 Houston St. Batavia Depot Museum
CBQ Big Rock Museum 100 S. Barnes Rd. Aurora Black Berry Pioneer Village Restored
CBQ Buda         Unknown
CBQ Brookfield Museum Brookfield Historical Society Museum
CBQ Bushnell         Unknown
CBQ Earlville RR Office   Used by MOW    
CBQ East Dubuque Vacant       Poor
CBQ Fulton Chamber of Commerce     Griswold X-ing Signal Restored
CBQ Galesburg Amtrak Station       Unknown
CBQ Lisle Park Dist North of Commuter Parking Lot  Lisle Station Park CBQ Caboose Restored
CBQ La Moille Private Good
CBQ Mendota  Amtrak Station / Museum    Union Depot Railroad Museum  Misc. Equipment Restored
CBQ Oregon Museum   Oregon Depot Restoration Project    Under Restoration
CBQ Ottawa RR Office   Illinois Railnet HQ   Good
CBQ Peoria RR Office       Unknown
CBQ Plano  Amtrak Station       Unknown
CBQ Plano Museum Yorkville, IL Lyon Farm Village
CBQ Princeton Amtrak       Unknown
CBQ Rochelle   RR Office   Used by MOW    Demolished 2007
CBQ Shabbona         Unknown
CBQ Steward Park Dist City Park     Restored
CBQ Streator Private Recycling Center
CBQ Thomson Museum       Restored
CBQ West Chicago Park District City Park   CBQ Caboose Restored
CBQ Yates City          
CCCStL Charleston
CCCStL Flat Rock
CCCStL Olmsted Museum Olmsted Historical Society Museum
CCCStL Robinson
CCCStL Urbana Private
CEI Rossville 1903 Museum 210 E. Benton St. Rossville Depot Railroad Museum Restored
CEI Watseka Museum Watseka Union Depot Restored
CGW Elizabeth 1888 Museum   Elizabeth Historical Society Depot Museum MILW Caboose Restored
CGW Elmurst Park Dist       Restored
CGW Esmond          
CGW Gretna Park Dist City Park   EJ&E Caboose  
CGW Sycamore Private        
CGW Wasco Twp. Office 5N082 La Fox Rd Campton Twp. Community Center  Train Order Board Restored w/Addition
CGW Woodbine Private       Poor
CIM Taylorville 1925
CIM Pekin          
CNW Barrington Restaurant 200 Applebee St. Chessie's Restaurant Caboose Good
CNW DeKalb 1891 MOW        
CNW East Dundee Chamber of Commerce   Replica of Carpentersville    
CNW East Rockford Chamber of Commerce        
CNW Elgin Museum   Watch Factory Depot   Under Restoration
CNW Fulton          
CNW Henrietta Residence Baseline Rd & 5 Points Kingston, IL
CNW Marengo Museum Union, IL Illinois Railway Museum   Restored
CNW McHenry RR Office / Restaurant       Decent
CNW Rochelle MOW       Good
CNW Sycamore Private        
CNW Wayne Private Dunham Rd. & Army Trail Good
CNW West Chicago Private       Good 
CNW West Chicago Chamber of Commerce       Good 
CNW Wheaton Private Hair Salon Good
CNW Wheaton City Zoo
CM&G Kirkland 1850 Residence
CRIP Bureau          
CRIP Chillicothe Museum The Chillicothe Historical Society Railroad Museum Caboose / Signal Restored
CRIP DePue          
CRIP Geneseo          
CRIP Henry          
CRIP Joliet Amtrak / Banquet Hall   The Grand Ballroom   Restored
CRIP LaSalle          
CRIP Marseilles Chamber of Commerce     Caboose Restored
CRIP Milan          
CRIP Minooka          
CRIP Morris          
CRIP Peoria Restaurant       Restored
CRIP Peoria          
CRIP Rock Island Banquet Hall   Abbey Station R.I. Historical Marker Restored
CRIP Seneca          
CRIP Sheffield          
CRIP Tiskilwa          
CRIP Utica          Damaged by Utica Tornado April 20, 2004  Demolished
EJE Lake Zurich Private       Poor
EJE Plainfield   Along Rte 52 & Illinois River Line     Restored
EJE West Chicago RR Office Used by MOW
FCNGRR Lewistown Fulton County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum CB&Q Caboose
IC Amboy 1873 Museum   Amboy Depot Museum GTW 0-8-0  
IC Bone Gap Museum
IC Burlington Chamber       Restored
IC Champaign 1924
IC Champaign
IC Coleman West of Rte. 31 South Elgin
IC Deland Museum Monticello Monticello Rwy. Museum
IC Divernon
IC Forreston          
IC Freeport Private       Restored
IC Galena Tourist Center       Restored
IC Genoa MOW     Poor
IC Kankakee Museum 197 S. East Ave. Kankakee Railroad Museum Pullman Coach Restored
IC Mattoon 1917 Amtrak Project Depot Under Restoration
IC Mendota          
IC Pesotum
IC Plato Center Museum  City Park     Restored
IC Rantoul Amtrak
IC Rockford Poor
IC Seward          
IC Seymour Near I-72 & Rte 47
IC Toledo 1880 Private Kiwanis Club (add. blt. 1916)
IC Warren          
IC White Heath Private
IC Youngsdale Residence Randall Rd. & CN/IC South Elgin
IT Bondville
LN Nashville Musuem Washington County Historical Society Museum
MILW Cedar Point          
MILW Freeport Private       Extreme Distress
MILW Fulton Private   LP Dealer    
MILW Genoa 1882 Museum 700 W. Park Ave.  Kishwaukee Valley Heritage Society IC Caboose Restored
MILW Itasca Museum Itasca Park District Historical Depot Museum
MILW Kirkland Residence Moved
MILW Ladd Vacant         
MILW Moline          
MILW Pingree Grove Private 1/2 block north of tracks     Poor
MILW Rock City          
PLZW Lake Zurich          
PLZW Wauconda 1913 Residence 172 W Maple Sold to George & Grace Harris circa 1929   Remodeled Into Home
PRR Greenup Museum Historic Greenup Depot
PRR Oakland Along S.R. 133
WAB Champaign
WAB Springfield 1852 Museum 10th & Monroe St. Lincoln Depot Museum Restored
WAB Symerton Museum Lockport, IL Lockport Pioneer Village
WAB Monticello Museum   Monticello Railroad Museum   Restored
WAB Taylorville

Know of a depot not listed above.

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