The Chicago Terminal Railroad began operations on January 2, 2007, on former Canadian Pacific industrial trackage known as the C&E Line. Subsequently the railroad has added two additional switching operations. The first one in Elk Grove Village on the Union Pacific Centex Industrial Park trackage and the other one in Bensenville on the Canadian Pacific Bensenville Industrial Park trackage. The railroad is a subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC. Reporting marks are CTM. 

Motive power is provided by Independent Locomotive Service and includes two end cab switch engines and a geep. Typical of ILS motive power, the locomotives are painted maroon with yellow lettering. The colors are inspired by the colors of the University of Minnesota since ILS is based in that state. 



NUMBER MODEL 1st # 2nd # 3rd # 4th # 5th # SERIAL # BUILT
ILSX 900 SW8 AC 140 WC 900       A297 12/51
ILSX 921 SW1500 SP 2675 NJT 503 ILSX 503     4608-85 7/72
ILSX 1396 GP10 IC 9226 ICG 8226 GM 1075 MSRC 1075 PSP 1002 5480-19 1/57

ILSX 900 is assigned to the C&E Line in Chicago.
ILSX 921 is assigned to the Centex Industrial Park in Elk Grove Village.
ILSX 1396 is assigned to the Bensenville Industrial Park in Bensenville.


These PDF maps are from the Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC website

Chicago Area Map                    Elk Grove - Bensenville Area Map


Reporting Mark:    CTM

Radio Frequency:    161.550 mhz    AAR 96 96


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