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System Timetable

Railroads use timetables to provide information to employees and passengers alike. Public timetables typically provide arrival and departure times of passenger trains. Employee timetables, while providing train schedules, also contain information about the territory the employees operate over. Some of this information includes: station names & locations, maximum speeds, radio frequencies, signal aspects & indications, and other special instructions.

The Chicago Central and Pacific was divided into two divisions, the Eastern Division and the Western Division. CC&P Employee Timetable # 4, dated April 5, 1992, lists seven subdivisions. The Two Divisions and their Subdivisions are outlined below. 

The Cedar River Railroad was the wholly owned subsidiary of the Chicago Central and Pacific and operated as a separate division. CEDR Employee Timetable #1, dated February 9, 1992, lists two subdivisions which are outlined below.

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Map provided by Eric Coleman

               Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad

               Cedar River Railroad

CC&P Eastern division
Chicago Subdivision Chicago to Freeport
Dubuque Subdivision Freeport to Waterloo
Cedar Rapids Subdivision Manchester to Cedar Rapids
CC&P Western division
Fort Dodge Subdivision Waterloo to Council Bluffs
Ackley Subdivision Hampton to Steamboat Rock
Ida Grove Subdivision Ida Grove Jct. to Ida Grove
Cherokee Subdivision Tara to Sioux City
Osage Subdivision Mona Jct. to Glenville
Staceyville Subdivision Stacyville Jct. to Stacyville



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