Bloomer Shipper's Connecting Railroad Co.

The Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad Co. (aka The Bloomer Line) operates two connected lines in central Illinois. The first one is from Colfax to Kempton, IL, and the second is from Strawn to Gibson City, IL. Traffic is primarily grain, fertilizer, plastics, and lumber. They are headquartered in Gibson City. The railroad connects with the TP&W at Chatsworth, IL, and the Norfolk Southern at Gibson City.

The former Illinois Central line was originally built by the Kankakee & Southwestern Railroad in 1878 and eventually became the Illinois Central's Bloomington District. In 1985, face with abandonment of the line, shippers formed the Bloomer Shippers Railway Redevelopment League and purchased a segment of the line from Barnes to Herscher, IL. Railroad operations began in June of that year on 36 miles of track between Colfax and Kempton, IL.

In 1990, the Norfolk & Western was also looking to divest itself of less profitable lines in Illinois. The Bloomer, in May of that year, acquired a segment of the former Wabash's Chicago-Decatur route between Strawn and Gibson City, IL.


Locomotive Roster


Locomotives Currently On Roster

Photo Number Model 1st # 2nd # 3rd # 4th # 5th #

6th #

7th #
BLOL 7504 GP10 IC 9222 ICG 8222 GMSR 8222 MSRC 1083 OHCR 704

SPCX 704

BLOL 704
BLOL 7549 GP10 NYC 5943 NYC 7515 PC 7515 PC 7343 CR 7343

CR 7549

BLOL 7561 GP10 NYC 6002 NYC 7402 PC 7402 CR 7402 CR 7561    
BLOL 7591 GP9 NP 370 BN 1949 BLOL 91        
LTEX 1413  GP15-1 CR 1627 NS 1413          

LTEX 1413 is leased from Larry's Truck Electric.

Locomotives No Longer On Roster

Photo Number Model 1st # 2nd # 3rd # 4th # 5th #

BLOL 55 SW1200 MP 1155        

BLOL 92 GP9 NYC 5968 NYC 7368 PC 7368 CR 7368  

BLOL 55 sold to Central Soya at Gibson City, IL.
BLOL 92 sold to an Taloma Farmer's Grain at Allen, IL.

System Map


Other Information

Radio Frequency:    161.355

Address:    Route 9 West
                  P.O. Box 546
                  Gibson City, IL 60936

Reporting Mark:    BLOL

Updated November 12, 2008